Fairstead House

An independent day school and nursery for boys and girls
from three months to eleven years

Dear Parents

The undoubted highlight of the week was the success of the U11 boys cricket team against Framlingham College.  Mr Radford was thrilled at their bowling and batting prowess and the boys returned full of enthusiasm and excitement for their next cricket match.

We are particularly thrilled to announce our new relationship with Exning Cricket ground, where we will be training on Mondays and hosting our home matches, with the first being on Wednesday, when the Boys U11 will play against Brookes Cambridge.  Unfortunately, this only involves the boys as Brookes do not have a girls’ team, but hopefully we will host a match for the girls there very soon.  Those of you who have not been to Exning Cricket Ground will be extremely impressed; it really is a quintessentially beautiful English pitch and we are thrilled to be able to use it.   If you child is not playing in the match on Wednesday, you are welcome to come to watch any training sessions on Monday afternoons; a delightful way to spend a, hopefully, sunny afternoon!


It has been a super week in Reception, welcoming our tadpoles into the classroom and learning all about their life cycle.
The children thoroughly enjoyed their visit to RSPB Lakenheath Fen and were very excited to explore in the pond to see what they could discover. The rat-tailed maggot caused much excitement and curiosity! The class have also enjoyed reading a story called ‘Messy Magpie’ which inspired them to create their own posters to encourage people to look after the environment.
‘Time’ has been the focus in Maths and the children have loved playing, ‘what’s the time, Mrs Sanders?’ and demonstrating different hours using their own clocks. They have also enjoyed illustrating and writing their own zigzag books to sequence their day.
Well done to Joseph for being awarded the Gold certificate in Mathletics, and we would like to say a big thank you to his Mummy for being our ‘Surprise Reader’ and telling us a wonderful story all about a very tall bus!



Year 1

Year 1 this week have thoroughly enjoyed writing about their topic, ‘The Seaside’.
They have produced some wonderful writing where they have described being a sea creature of their choice.  They used adjectives and verbs to make the writing interesting.
With the wonderful weather, we chose to go outside and share our writing with each other.


Year 2

Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed sharing their learning from last term with the rest of the school this week. All of the children spoke clearly and confidently; they should be delighted with their performances! Well done, Year 2!



Year 3

Year 3 have continued to enjoy the thrill of public speaking this week in a variety of forms.  Annabelle, Ashera, Hugo, Giselle and Prince learnt poems by heart to perform to the class, whilst Gabriella, Ella, Toby, Isabella, Sophie, Hugo, Luca, George, Julian and Bella wrote true and false quizzes to test their friends.  Toby summarised a traditional African story, learnt it by heart and then retold the story with impressive oratorical flair! We look forward to more performances next week.

In Art this week, Year 3 were keen to start work on their ‘boot designs’. Ashera and Luca were extremely pleased that their designs were selected to be recreated on the riding boots to be displayed in town next month. Congratulations to them both!





Year 4

Year 4 took part in a Science practical this week, which demonstrated how our digestive system works. A resealable bag represented the stomach, with acid (orange juice) and saliva (water) to break down the food. Tights represented the small intestine, showing how the body absorbs nutrients and finally passes waste. The children were surprised at the authenticity of the demonstration! They then created thorough labelled diagrams of our digestive system, explaining the functions of each part.





Year 5

This week, Year 5 have been using their memories of Hilltop to write a first person recount.  In Maths, they have been busy learning to use long multiplication to multiply four digits numbers by two digit numbers.  A highlight of the week was the introduction of debating as part of PSHEE. Voices were definitely found and opinions heard!


Year 6

Year 6 have been learning an important life skill this week -staying safe on a bike. They have taken part in a ‘Bikeability’ course which has involved learning hand signals, how to make U turns and corners safely and how to pass parked cars. This has taken place on public highways, so the children can experience the very real problems on a road. I am very proud to say they all passed and behaved excellently and impressed their instructors. Well done, Year 6.



Match Reports

U9 Boys Cricket v Riddlesworth Hall School

On Wednesday 15th May, the U9 boys played cricket against Riddlesworth School.  We lost the toss and Riddlesworth chose to field first.  Oliver hit some spectacular, giving us an excellent start.  Theo and Finlay also whacked the ball hard and far, giving us a strong score.

In the second half, there was was amazing scoring by honourary boy Matilda, even hitting the wickets.  Unfortunately, Riddlesworth were good at batting and scored some high runs.  The final score was a draw.  Well done, boys and better luck next time!

Dylan B., Captain

Year 5 Visit to Dalham Stud – Tuesday 21st May

Year 5 are looking forward to their visit to Dalham Hall Stud on Tuesday 21st May, which is the first of their three days as part of the  ‘Under Starter’s Order’ programme, arranged by the ‘Racing to School’ organisation.  Following that, the children will visit the National Heritage Centre at Palace House on Friday 21st June and finally will enjoy an afternoon at the races on Friday 27th June.  You are very welcome to join the children on the race day and, if you would like complimentary tickets, please let the School Office know by Friday 24th May.  More details will follow.

Cambridge Dyslexia Conference 2019

We have been asked to make parents aware of the Cambridge Dyslexia, Education and Mental Health Conference, which will be taking place on Saturday 21st June in Cambridge.  All parents are welcome to attend. For further information on this event, please click here.

Congratulations to Lara!

Many congratulations to Lara in Year 6 on her equestrian success at the weekend! Lara qualified for the 128cm Championship at the Horse Of The Year Show, which will be held in early October. Lara qualified on Saturday at Arena UK on her grey mare ‘My Little Liesel’. This was the first qualifier for the Horse of the Year Show and she went three rounds to finish fourth (the first four from the six qualifiers gain a place). Well done to Lara on her wonderful achievement and our best wishes for the Horse of the Year Show in October.

Kindness Cups

This week, Kindness Cups were won by Fenella in Year 1 and jointly by Cora in Reception and Matilda in Year 4.  Well done, girls!


This week, we wish a happy birthday to Tabitha and Oscar in the Nursery and to Joseph in Reception.

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children,

Lynda Brereton