Fairstead House

An independent day school and nursery for boys and girls
from three months to eleven years

Dear Parents

Further to last week’s Newsletter, we are all proud and delighted that Ava W. in Year 6 has been awarded an academic scholarship at The Leys in Cambridge in addition to the sports scholarship that she has already been awarded at St Mary’s.  All Year 6 children have now secured places in a wide variety of senior schools including The Perse, The Stephen Perse Foundation, The Leys, St Mary’s, Culford and King’s Ely.  Our pupils are now in the enviable position of having to choose from a wide selection of prestigious schools.

Another highlight of the week was undoubtedly our sporting successes!  The U11 girls and U11 boys returned from matches at The Stephen Perse Foundation and Framlingham respectively, jubilant and triumphant, and I recommend that you read the exciting match reports below! Well done to both teams.


This week, the children in Reception have been considering how they can help others.
In the forest, the children were keen to help the birds and decided to make a range of different bird feeders and foods. They were very excited to take home their very own bird feeder and Mrs Sanders is looking forward to finding out which birds have been spotted in everyone’s gardens!
After their visit from Dr White last Friday, the children have been passionate about helping the local Food Bank where Dr White is a volunteer. They have eagerly written letters to you all, asking for as much support as possible. Please read the letter sent home today to see how you can help further. Thank you.

Please may we also remind you that if your child is attending an After-school Club, they may bring one snack only, which must be healthy.  No sweets or chocolate, please!


Year 1

This week, in Maths, we have had enormous fun learning all about fractions.
Mrs Scott was also recruiting new Knights for her castle so all the children wrote their applications and had an interview for the position. Mrs Scott was so impressed that she will make room for all sixteen! To celebrate, they ended the week by making 1st class postage stamps of themselves.


Year 2

Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Newmarket Fire Station on Tuesday. The firefighters helped the children to compare firefighting techniques and equipment from today to those used in 1666. They also got to sit in the cab of the fire engine, look carefully at a firefighter’s protective uniform and clean a police car with a very powerful hose!




Year 3

This week in Year 3, the children have been finding fractions of amounts in Maths, using practical resources to help them. They have also been exploring right angles and have been hunting for angles around the classroom that are equal to, larger than, or smaller than a right angle.
In Science, the children have been learning about fossils and how they are formed in sedimentary rocks. The children have learned about the significance of the work of Mary Anning in the 1800s and examined some real fossils. Thank you, Harry, for bringing in your own collection of rocks and fossils!


Year 4

This week, Year 4 have been very busy completing their gas masks in DT and evaluating the effectiveness of their designs and the materials they have used. In English, they wrote and edited evacuee stories. They were challenged to create ‘believable’ problems and show the feelings of their characters, and to describe the setting and atmosphere, using creative language.


Year 5

Following writing our diaries in English, we will be looking at balanced arguments. The children will be debating the reasons for and against going into the secret garden of their class text, The Secret Garden. Their debating and persuasion skills were put to the test earlier this week when they had to convince me that the Earth was not flat! It took them thirty minutes but they finally created a convincing argument. We then discussed some of the thoughts from previous civilisations. This is the start of our new science topic: Earth and Space.

Rehearsals are progressing well and, after a full afternoon, we managed to take a photo! No scenery, costumes or lighting yet but it will be coming. We don’t want to spoil the surprise. I hope they all have a good weekend and are ready for more next week. They continue to work well and are rising to the many challenges they are set.


Year 6

In Spanish this week, Year 6 have been preparing to produce a piece of extended writing about holidays. On Tuesday, we looked at how we can incorporate three tenses into our writing by adapting a few simple sentences. On Friday, we worked together to produce a whole class paragraph in Spanish, thinking about the accuracy of our spellings and adjective agreements as well as making longer sentences using connectives. ¡Muy bien la clase!

Match Reports

U11 Boys Hockey v Framlingham 

‘On Wednesday 5th February, U11 boys played two hockey matches against Framlingham. We started with the ball. We had quick and accurate passing and well timed tackles. Oliver made exceptional passes down the wing to Olly and me. At the end of the game, the score was 1-0 to us.
In the second game, they started with the ball. Quickly, we got the ball and in a few minutes, James scored a goal and Richard made some outstanding saves. We had better passes and really good tackles and at the end of the game, it was 2-0 to us.
I was chosen as the man of the match. Well done, team, keep up the good work!’

Abiram A., Boys’ Sports Captain


U11 Girls Netball v The Stephen Perse Foundation

‘On Wednesday 5th February, the U11 girls played a series of matches against The Stephen Perse Foundation. 
In our first game against Stephen Perse A team, Fleur did some great passing enabling us to score a goal. However, we had a few injuries and couldn’t get into the flow of the game quick enough. Unfortunately, Stephen Perse were able to score three goals, the end score was 3-1 to them.
Our next game was against Stephen Perse B team. We started with the ball and Ella got into space well enabling us to get the ball to our shooters and score! The final score was 4-1 to us!
In our third game, Darcey and Perdie did some great intercepting and we managed to win the game comfortably!
In our fourth game, Claudia and Sophie worked well together, we won the game easily, and the final score was 6-1 to us!
In our final game, we won the toss and we began passing quickly, the other team were not able to keep up with this pace and we won the game 8-0!
Well done, team, great effort!!!’

Ava W.,  Girls’ Sports Captain 

French & Spanish Stars of the Week

This week, our Étoiles de la Semaine in French are Charlie in Year 3 and Annabelle in Year 4.  The Spanish Estrellas de la Semana are Theo in Year 5 and Abiram in Year 6.  Well done to the children.

Year 6 Trip to London – Monday 10th February

Year 6 are very excited about their forthcoming trip to Greenwich Observatory on Monday. All children should be in school for a 7.15am departure, wearing school uniform and, as a special treat, the children may bring their own packed lunch.  Please can we ask that you do not send the children with fizzy drinks, sweets or chocolate and the children’s lunch is packed into a named rucksack.  A WhatsApp group has been created and we will keep you updated as to the time of the children’s arrival back at school, which we estimate to be around 5.00pm.

Years 3 & 4 Visit to Duxford I.W.M. – Friday 14th February

Years 3 and 4 are looking forward to their visit to Duxford on Friday. Please may your children wear their trainers for this trip as there will be a lot of walking outside.   Thank you.

Future School Evening – Thursday 13th February

Parents of children in Years 4 and 5 are warmly invited to come in to discuss future schools for the children.  This will be held in our Performing Arts Centre at 6.00pm with refreshments being served from 5.45pm.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Chess Club

Just a reminder that Chess Club will start after half-term on Thursdays from 4.00pm – 4.45pm.  Please book your child into this club via the SchoolBase portal.

Kindness Cups

This week, Kindness Cups were won by Virginia in Year 2 and George in Year 4.  Well done, children!


This week, we wish a happy birthday to Thomas, Ralph, Thea and Felix in the Nursery, Harry in Reception, William in Year 2, Nicole and Alexander in Year 3, Julian in Year 4 and Olly in Year 5.

I am delighted at the enthusiasm with which the Reception children are embracing their project to collect as many donations as possible for our local Food Bank.  Your child will have taken home today a letter written by the Reception class, which I urge you to read.  Your donations to this worthwhile charity will be gratefully received. A large shopping trolley is situated outside the Reception classroom and they are hoping to fill it by Friday when Dr. White from the Newmarket Open Door charity is coming to collect your gifts.  Many thanks for your support for this worthwhile cause.

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children,

Lynda Brereton