Fairstead House

An independent day school and nursery for boys and girls
from three months to eleven years

Dear Parents

The highlight of this week, and indeed the term, is undoubtedly the huge success of ‘Olivia’.  All children who took part performed magnificently and clearly everyone enjoyed the experience!  I, for one, certainly thoroughly enjoyed all the performances and last night in particular was a stellar success!  You, as an audience, added to the atmosphere and the children greatly appreciated your enjoyment!









It has been a wonderfully busy week in Reception; as well as being full of emotion, as everyone says goodbye and good luck to Miss Wakefield. We look forward to welcoming Mrs Freestone into Reception after the Easter holiday.
The Reception children were a credit to the school with their excellent manners and behaviour during a visit to Pizza Express this week, and they made very professional pizzaiolos! In Forest School, they were keen to explore and managed to find eggs, hot cross buns and hot chocolate to try. Back at school, they thoroughly enjoyed becoming magnificent gardeners and super chefs!
Thank you to everyone who brought in an old welly! You will see how the children have transformed these into some wonderful plant pots, and we look forward to seeing the pansies in full bloom shortly.
Thank you also to Laila’s Mummy for being our ‘Surprise Reader’ this week. The children loved joining in with the story all about a very special worm!





Year 1

In Year 1, the children have finished their ’round the world’ trip in style!  The children visited Rio de Janeiro and had a Rio carnival party where they wore masks that they had made and danced the salsa till we dropped!
They celebrated Easter by decorating an Osterbaurn – a German tradition of decorating a few budding twigs to symbol new life.
All the children were budding reporters as they finished their Titanic writing, creating super headlines and remembering so many of the facts. A well-deserved rest is needed.


Year 2

Year 2 were completely shocked but utterly thrilled to receive Kes Gray as a surprise visitor on Monday, after he decided to reply to their email in person! The children were excited to hear Kes’ answers to their questions and the inspiration behind some of their favourite books by Kes. They were even lucky enough to be given a limited edition copy of one of Kes’ Fizzbomb compilation of short stories. It was an absolutely amazing morning, one that will surely be remembered by the children forever!




Year 3

Year 3 have concluded their Vesuvius learning by writing an adventure story where they are caught up in the eruption of Vesuvius in AD 79. They have used Latin words and terms, their History knowledge from their study of the Romans and their knowledge of volcanic eruption from their Geography learning to make their stories both authentic and exciting. In the classroom, prior to writing, Year 3 have handled and then described the rocks that would have been thrown from an eruption.



Year 4

This week in English, Year 4 have written thank you letters to the Museum of Power, for giving us such an informative experience. In Maths, the children solved Easter related problems, using their understanding of number and place value.
Year 4’s kinetic art will be coming home, so please enjoy these wonderful creations!


Year 5

Year 5 enjoyed a rather messy experiment using spaghetti and marshmallows this week!  The children were given the task of building a structure using these tools to find out which shapes proved the most stable in construction and how high their construction could be.  The children discovered that triangles proved the most stable base!


Year 6

Year 6 finished their space topic this week, by creating origami stars. At first they found this task challenging, but because they persevered, they produced some eye catching and beautiful stars.


ABRSM & Trinity College Rock & POP Exam Results!

Huge congratulations to the children who took music exams this term!  We are delighted that all the children passed their exams. Extra congratulations to Kitty (singing) in Year 4 and Zara (singing) in Year 5, who were awarded distinctions and to George (piano) in Year 3 and Georgia (piano) in Year 6, who were awarded merits.  Well done, children!


Summer Uniform

When the children return to school, they may wear either summer or winter uniform depending on the clemency of the weather!  Please note, however, that from half-term, all the children will be in summer uniform.  Please remember that if girls are wearing their summer dresses, they must be worn with white socks.  Thank you.


Special congratulations to Aria, who is the first child in Reception to achieve a Gold Certificate in Mathletics.  Well done, Aria!

Holiday Club

If you wish to contact our Holiday Club, please call 07590 864460 as the School Office will be closed.  Thank you.

Parents’ Association Easter Egg Hunt

Many thanks, as ever, to our very active and supportive Parents’ Association and, in particular, to our brave ‘Easter Bunnies’, who organised an Easter egg hunt for all the children this morning. Everyone went home with an Easter egg to enjoy.


With my best wishes for a lovely Easter break with your children and all good luck to the children who are taking LAMDA Speech & Drama exams tomorrow!

Lynda Brereton