Fairstead House

An independent day school and nursery for boys and girls
from three months to eleven years

Dear Parents,

I hope that you all enjoyed a lovely Easter break with your children .  It was a pleasure seeing everyone return to school, refreshed and full of excitement for the term ahead.  The Summer Term is always a busy one and this year is no exception, although the activities and events are packed into fewer weeks due to the late Easter.


Our new topic, ‘Our Wonderful World,’ has caused much excitement in Reception this week.
The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the life cycle of a sunflower. They have followed instructions to plant their own seed, ordered pictures of the life-cycle and have written all about it using time connectives.
In Maths, sunflower seeds have been put to good use once again, as children have used them to solve ‘doubling problems.’ The children have also been challenged to work independently to double towers made of cubes and to find doubles using the Numicon.
The children took magnifying glasses and pots to the forest to see what they could discover. There were squeals of delight when many ladybirds, spiders, woodlice, ants were spotted. It was wonderful to see how respectful the children were of the creatures and their environment.
It was also a real treat to have two ‘Surprise Readers’ this week! Thank you so much to Mr Hewitt and Mr Heslop for coming in. The children thoroughly enjoyed your stories!




Year 1

The children enjoyed sharing their holiday photographs and talking about their Easter adventures with their friends and family.  Year 1 are thrilled with their new ship and are eagerly anticipating where the ship will take them!  If you have not been into the classroom and seen their ship, please do pop in!


Year 2

To start off their ‘Beside the Seaside’ topic, Year 2 have have been reading ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Rescue’ this week. Poor Mr Grinling lost his job and home because he forgot to turn the lighthouse light on! The children put themselves in his shoes and thought about how they would feel if they were told to leave their home.
The children then went on to write persuasive letters to the Lighthouse Inspector, Mr Spratt, trying to change his mind and to give Mr Grinling his job back!  They will have to wait for Mr Spratt’s reply to see if their letters have been successful.


Year 3

In English, throughout this term, all of Year 3 are learning poems by heart and performing them to their peers. Year 3 have chosen poems with strong rhyme and rhythm to assist the memorisation and have focused on alliteration or onomatopoeia to ensure they have an engaging performance!

Year 4

Year 4’s topic this term is the ‘Wonder of Animals’.  In Science, they have begun a study of the human digestive system, whilst in English, the children have started reading the class text, ‘The Enchanted Horse’ by Magdalen Nabb, which is proving very popular!

Year 5

This week, it has been wonderful to see Year 5 return to school refreshed and raring to go! In English, we have been reinforcing our understanding of techniques used to enhance creative writing. This includes: onomatopoeia; metaphors; similes and personification as a focus. The children have worked hard and enjoyed writing their own poems today using personification as a focus. In Maths, we have continued to develop mental arithmetic skills. This week, the focus has been on adding monetary amounts in our heads, using rounding as a strategy. We are all getting extremely excited about next week’s residential trip to Hilltop. As part of our studies, we have been learning about how coasts change through time. I am looking forward to the children consolidating their understanding of coastal erosion next week when we are on the beach!  You will be able to keep up to date with all our activities via the blog, the details of which will be sent to you early next week.



Year 6

This week, Year 6 enjoyed a very important and informative morning learning basic first aid. Their instructor was Mr Murrow from Basic Life First Aid Training. They were shown how to assess the situation when around a casualty using DRAB (Danger, Response, Airway, Breathing) and how to perform resuscitation. They were also given a chance to practise their bandaging techniques and putting a friend into the recovery position. The lesson also included a talk on shock, different types of bleeding, choking, stings, nose bleeds and how to use a defibrillator! Thank you to Basic Life for a very enjoyable and interesting morning.





Match Reports

U9 Girls v Glebe House

“On Wednesday the 1st May, the Under 9s Rounders team played Glebe House.

There were two innings. In the first inning, Fairstead started out batting, and we scored a lot of half rounders. Glebe also did some good fielding. As it was our first match, we didn’t hit the ball much! Darcey did some fantastic running, Ashera was always trying to hit the ball and Ella’s half rounders were just outstanding. It was a great effort from everyone.

Then we swapped so Glebe were batting and we were fielding. Darcey bowled, and Sophie stumped loads of people from her third post!

After halftime refreshments, we went into the second inning. We started batting again. Darcey hit the ball really well and got a whole rounder. The rest of us tried our best and got a lot of half rounders. We swapped with Glebe once more so we were back fielding. I was bowling and scored a lot of ‘good balls’ helping Glebe to bat well. Fleur, Giselle and Luana were fantastic fielders and got the ball back quickly.

Despite our best efforts, the final score was 12-10 to Glebe House. We all played fabulously (even though we had no practice) and there was a great team spirit. Well done, team. Better luck next time!” 

Perdita C., Team Captain

U11 Girls v Glebe House

“On Wednesday the 1st of May, U11 girls played a rounders match against Glebe House.

We won the toss and chose to field first. We started off well with some strong throws. Ava was bowling superbly. We had some accurate throws from Georgia, which then led to us stumping two people out.

Then it was our turn to bat, Lara hit some incredible balls scoring three rounders. After the first innings, the score was 9-6 to Glebe.

While fielding, Cecilia and Abisha worked well together with collecting the stronger hits. Isabella and Molly were great at stumping the posts.

After we had batted for the last time, the final score was 17-11 and a half rounders to Glebe. Well done team, better luck next time.”

Lucy T., Captain


U9 A&B Boys v Glebe House

The boys played two development matches, working in pairs to score as many runs as possible.  Every boy bowled as well and great fun was had by all.  This was a wonderful introduction to the cricket season this term and we are looking forward to future matches!

Michael Radford, Deputy Head


U11 Boys and Girls Cricket Cup Matches v Barnadiston

The boys and girls played an 8 aside match with each pair receiving three continuous overs.  All players had to bowl.  Despite great efforts from both teams and very good bowling, Barnadiston managed to score a large number of runs.  We batted well but Barnadiston were too strong.  This was a good experience for all involved and we look forward to a re-match soon!

Michael Radford, Deputy Head


Free Group Woodwind Tuition for the Summer Term

Our wonderful  Instrumental Teacher, Mr Charlesworth, is keen to encourage pupils at Fairstead to take up a woodwind instrument this term. He is offering free group tuition for beginners wishing to play either the flute, clarinet or saxophone. For further information do please contact Mrs Warburton on karina.warburton@fairsteadhouse.co.uk   Places are limited!  Please note that this group is for children in Years 3 – 6 only.

The School Office

Please note that the School Office is open from 8.30am until 4.45pm during the week.  If you wish to contact the School outside of those times, please call 07950 864461, which is the Breakfast Club/After School Club number.  Please do not e-mail or leave urgent messages on the answerphone after 4.45pm as these may not be picked up until the next day.  Thank you.

Head Lice

We have been made aware of a case of head lice in the Coach House.  Please do check your child’s hair thoroughly and treat if necessary.  Thank you.

After-school Clubs

After-school Clubs start on Tuesday of next week.; please book your child into Clubs and After-school Care using the Parent Portal.

Parents’ Association

We are all greatly looking forward to the Summer Ball, which takes place two weeks tonight in Tattersalls.  If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, they are on sale from the School Office.  Please click here for further information.  It promises to be a most enjoyable evening and I look forward to seeing you there!

Kindness Cups

This week, Kindness Cups were won jointly by Charlie and Harry in Year 2 and Sophie in Year 3.  Well done, children!


This week, we wish a happy birthday to Ivy in the Nursery and Molly in Year 5.


Our congratulations go to the Dacosta family, who welcomed baby Autumn, the Mbanefo-Meneghetti family, who welcomed baby Hugo and to the Toynbee family, who welcomed baby Jack.

As I write, there is great excitement in Year 5 as all the children are looking forwards to their residential trip to North Norfolk, leaving on Tuesday morning.  They will be returning on Friday and details will be sent to you regarding the daily blog.  With my best wishes for a lovely Bank Holiday weekend with your children,

Lynda Brereton