Fairstead House

An independent day school and nursery for boys and girls
from three months to eleven years

Dear Parents,

We were all thrilled today to hear of the success of Isabella M., and Ava W., who have been awarded Drama and Sports Scholarships respectively at St Mary’s School, Cambridge.  In addition, all Year 6 children who have applied to a senior school have secured a place and I look forward to sharing their final destinations with you in due course.  Well done to all the children!

In a similar vein, a reminder that our Future Schools Evening for Years 4 and 5 will be held on Thursday 13th February in the Performing Arts Centre.  Refreshments will be served at 6.45pm and the evening will begin at 7.00pm,


This week, the children in Reception have enjoyed reading and acting out the story of ‘The Highway Rat.’
They were also keen to welcome Daisy’s Mummy who continued the theme and read ‘The Pesky Rat!’ We would like to thank her for being the ‘Surprise Reader’ this week.
In English, the children were excited to make ‘Wanted’ posters and were also eager to write messages to the Highway Rat asking him to be kind to his friends.
In Maths, food has been mysteriously disappearing along the highway! The children have been fantastic at using different strategies to solve the subtraction problems.

The class enjoyed meeting Tony White from the Newmarket Open Door Charity today and finding out all about Newmarket Food Bank.  More details to follow soon!





Year 1

Year 1 this week had an exciting and unique visit to Colchester Castle.

They spent the day exploring the castle and spent time training to become Knights, and learned how to defend the castle. They learned how to throw hot burning oil and dead rotten cats from the castle roof, having fought off intruders on the great stairs with swords and shields and became expert bow and arrow fighters!!

The children experienced the most wonderful storytelling and hands-on experience that really did spark their imagination which has come out in their story writing on our return to school.

Yet again, Mrs Scott was so proud of Year 1 as they were a credit to Fairstead House.



Year 2

Read all about it! In English this week, Year 2 became 17th Century reporters and wrote newspaper reports all about The Great Fire! They used quotes, similes and powerful verbs to share the dramatic events with the reader.


Year 3

This week, Year 3 have been looking at different types of air raid shelters in their topic lessons. The children made their own mini Anderson air raid shelters and imagined what it was like to be in one during the Blitz bombing. They thought about what items they might need or want to take with them during a night in the air raid shelter. The children have also been discovering what it was like to be an evacuee during the war this week.



Year 4

In Science, Year 4 have been further exploring sound. Firstly, they learned about pitch and how can be changed. They made panpipes to demonstrate that blowing into short pipes creates quicker vibrations and high pitch sounds, and blowing into long pipes creates slower vibrations and low pitch sounds. Harley used her guitar to demonstrate how plucking shorter or thinner strings creates a high pitch and plucking longer or thicker strings creates a low pitch.
Then, they investigated how sound travels over a distance and what happens when a string telephone helps you to hear a sound. They enjoyed hearing the vibrations travelling through the particles in the string!


Years 5 & 6

In Art, Years 5 and 6 have studied facial features, with close attention to shapes, colour and areas of light and dark. They have produced effective pencil and soft pastel drawings of eyes, noses and mouths with improved realism.
Inspired by Freda Kahlo’s self portraits and her vivid use of plants and creatures that represent her home, they have carefully considered which aspects of their lives they would like to represent them, in their own self portraits.
This week, they began their mixed media self portraits, using images and watercolours.










Match Reports

U11 Netball v Framlingham College & Holmwood House

‘On Wednesday the 29th January, the U11 girls played a triangular match against Framlingham College and Holmwood House. In our first match against Framlingham College we won the toss and chose to have first centre pass. Unfortunately, we took a while to get into the game, our passes were not as accurate as we wanted and Framlingham College were able to score three goals. Darcey was player of the match. Well done!
In our next game against Holmwood House, although we did not have first centre pass, we quickly intercepted the ball and some accurate passing between Claudia and Ella meant our shooters had plenty of opportunity to score. Some strong defence by Molly, Darcey and Perdy meant Holmwood House had few opportunities to shoot and were unable to score. The final score was 8 – 0 to us. Excellent work team.’ 

Ava W., Girls’ Sport Captain


In Class Music this week, Reception used the fairy tale of ‘Rumpelstiltskin’ to explore scales. They enjoyed creating sound effects for the ‘straw’ turning into ‘gold’ music. They performed glissando patterns on percussion instruments including metallophones, xylophones and glockenspiels.





Informal Tea-time Concert

Today we had our first Informal Tea-time Concert of the Lent term.

Pupils from Year 1 to Year 4 performed various pieces to family and friends. These concerts are very special occasions for every instrumental pupil and an important part of their musical education.

Many thanks should go to our wonderful Music Prefects who set up the Performing Arts Centre and serve refreshments before the concert.

Next week’s Informal Concert will be on Friday 7th February.


Head’s ‘Open Office’

Following yesterday’s ‘Open Office’, I am delighted to announce that we are able to reinstate Chess Club.  This will take place on Thursdays, 4.00pm-4.45pm and will be run by Mr Radford.

In addition, it was brought to my attention that you may not be aware that Classical Greek in Years 5 and 6 has been replaced by Latin.  This will provide the children with a solid grounding in English grammar and is excellent preparation for their senior school studies.

World Book Day

This year, we will be celebrating World Book Day on Friday 6th March.  Children will be invited to come into school dressed as a character from a favourite book.  Ideally, we would prefer a non-Disney or superhero costume!

Speech & Drama Success

Huge congratulations to Giselle in Year 4, who passed her LAMDA Grade 3 exam with Distinction. Well done, Giselle!

Kindness Cups

This week, Kindness Cups were won by Roan in Reception and Luke in Year 3.  Well done, children!


This week, we wish a happy birthday to Thomas and Edward in the Nursery and Theo in Year 5.

And Goodbye!

Today we say farewell to Mrs Paula Houchen, who has worked in our Nursery for thirteen years. She has given innumerable children a wonderful start to their school life. We all wish her the very best for the new adventures that lie ahead!

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children,

Lynda Brereton