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from three months to eleven years

Dear Parents

A real highlight of the week was watching Reception children return from their day at the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary.  The children have been studying owls and have been reading the delightful book, ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark’ and were enthralled to see such a wide variety of owls in real life.  The excitement and enthusiasm on their faces when they came off the minibus was magical!  Please read on to find out more.

Yesterday morning, Theo, Fleur, Jos, Dylan, Finlay, Perdie and Casper presented a very well planned and rehearsed assembly to the whole school about what they are doing to raise money to save the Rainforests, a cause that they are clearly passionate about.  To raise money, all the children, between them, are swimming the equivalent of a marathon, courtesy of the Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa.  I am extremely proud of them all and look forward to letting you know when they have completed their challenge.  I know that they will all be extremely appreciative if you are able to donate to their JustGiving page.


The children in Reception had a wonderful time on Tuesday when they visited the Owl Sanctuary for their first school trip of the year! Mrs Sanders was very proud of everybody for their impeccable behaviour which was also commented on by a member of the Sanctuary staff.
The children were enthralled to watch a flying display by owls and other birds of prey and were particularly delighted to meet a barn owl and watch it fly, just like ‘Plop’, the owl in their favourite story. Even Fairstead Fred enjoyed meeting an owl!
On their return to school, the enthusiasm for learning about owls has very much remained and has inspired learning for the rest of the week!




Year 1

Year 1 have had another very busy week. In Science, they have been continuing their work on the senses and this week they have studied the sense of touch.  The children became aware that their senses were enhanced by wearing a blindfold and that enabled them to use even more descriptive words.
There has also been some beautiful imaginative autumn play at break time using all the leaves on the field.
Friday saw the children taking their topic of ‘toys past and present’ out into the community.  They visited the residents at Risby Park Nursing Home where they showed them their toys and listened to the older generation tell of what they played with when they were children.

We had the delight of Sophia reading our afternoon story this week. Sophia read with beautiful expression.  What a treat!





Year 2

In Science this week, Year 2 planned and carried out an investigation to see which type of paper is the strongest after Queen Elizabeth asked for their help again! She complained that her Garden Party invitations kept getting ripped in the post and many invited guests didn’t know all of the party details.
The children came up with a way of testing the papers fairly and presented their results on a bar graph. They were very excited to learn that they had all correctly predicted that the card was the strongest!


Year 3

It has been another busy week for Year 3. In English, the children have worked very hard and have written their own myth, focusing on their use of adjectives and adverbs. The children were very proud of their end product and were keen to share parts of their myth to the rest of the class. In Maths, the children have consolidated their understanding of different strategies to use when mentally adding and subtracting two digit numbers. In Science, we have been learning how the properties of different surfaces affect how light is reflected from them. The children had great fun experimenting with mirrors and torches, trying to send a beam of light in different directions.

Finally, we were thrilled to meet five, six weeks old cocker spaniels, which Luke’s mum kindly brought in.  The puppies were absolutely gorgeous, showing lots of affection towards the children. It kept a smile on everyone’s face all day!






Year 4

In Science this week, Year 4 proved that gases have weight with a simple test using two balloons. When both were inflated they balanced; however, when one balloon was deflated the inflated balloon weighed more.
They then moved onto investigating the melting point of chocolate. Having gathered their equipment and recorded their predictions, the children carefully observed the changes in the solid chocolate as the temperature rose and it melted, becoming a liquid. Last, but not least, they all got to eat some chocolate!



Years 5 and 6

Year 5 and Year 6 have continued to develop a chronologically secure knowledge and understanding of British history, establishing clear narratives within periods from The Romans to the present day, by learning about the development of crime and punishment during the Victorian period. This week, they have used primary resources, re-enactments and secondary sources to find out what happened in Victorian prisons, including trying gruel, the staple food for prisoners. As the gruel was gluten free and vegan, all of Year 5 and Year 6 could take part!



Match Reports

U9 Boys’ Football v Moreton Hall – A Team

‘On Wednesday 20th November, the U9 boys’ A-Team played a football match against Moreton Hall.  They won the toss and chose to start.  We played well in the first part of the first half.  When we were 2-0 down, Julian made a perfect through ball to me and I tucked it home.  Alexander made some good tackles.  Archie made a few good runs in the wing area, also tucking one home.  Sadly, at half-time, we were 4-3 down.  In the second half, we loosened our grip and they went 8-4 up.  Archie scored the next goal for us and Luke made some fabulous saves.  Just before the end of the match, Julian hit the ball into the net to make it 8-5 to Moreton Hall.  We played well but they had some extremely good players.  Better luck next time, team! 

George C., Year 4


U9 Boys’ Football v Moreton Hall – B Team

‘On Wednesday the 20th November 2019, the U9 boys played a football match against Moreton Hall.  We started with the ball and there was some excellent passing and dribbling.  Charlie made some super shots and Moreton Hall made excellent passes.  Moreton Hall broke through our defence but didn’t get past our goalkeeper, Toby.  Toby booted the ball to Luca who passed the ball to me and I scored.  

Prince D., Year 4

Moreton Hall started the second half and we kept the ball away from the goal because of Louis’ great marking and defence. In the first minute, Harry passed the ball to Prince who whacked the ball to me and I tapped the ball into the goal. Moreton Hall took a centre kick and smashed the ball towards the goal. Toby intercepted at the last moment when the ball was an inch away from the goal line. Toby kicked it and it curved off .  The final score was 0-3 to us.  Our team was brilliant!  Well done team keep up the good work.  Charlie was Player of the Match.’

 Luca F-M., Year 4


U9 Girls Netball v Moreton Hall

‘On Wednesday 20th November, the U9 girls played a netball match against Moreton Hall.  We started first with the centre and with extremely good passing from Sophie, Giselle, Ella and me.  Annabelle and Ashera did some excellent defending.  In the third quarter, Ella and I each scored a goal and there was great defending by Gabby and Harley and great passes by Ashleigh and Sophie.  The final score was 5-15 to Moreton Hall.  Sophie was Player of the Match.  Well done, team!’

Bella D., Year 4

Film Night

The children are eagerly anticipating the next Fairstead House Film Night, which is organised by our wonderful Parents’ Association.  Next Friday, we will be screening Toy Story 4.  Tickets will cost £10 and will include a hot supper before the showing and refreshments in the interval.  Tickets are available from the School Office.

Tea Towels

A reminder from the Parents’ Association that the tea towels are now ready to be purchased!  All children from Reception to Year 6 drew a self-portrait, which is printed on to the tea towels.  These can be bought for £5.00 each or £13.00 for three.  Please pop into the School Office to buy one!


Cup-cake Sales and Children in Need

Many thanks to Reception parents, who hosted last week’s very successful Cup-cake Sale despite the inclement weather forcing the sale to move inside school. All proceeds were donated to Evelina Kravale, the 10 year old child who was injured recently on the Exning Road.

Many thanks also for helping your children to come to school with a spotty accessory last week and for raising a grand total of £169 for Children in Need.

Christmas Celebrations

All children in school, from the very youngest up to Year 6, are eagerly rehearsing for their Christmas production.  In total, we have six Christmas events and I, for one, am looking forward to them immensely.  Christmas at Fairstead will start with our Nursery Nativity and this, for me, will mark the start of the Christmas season.

In a change to earlier Newsletter information, Years 1 and 2 will now be performing their Christmas production in our Performing Arts Centre, rather than St Agnes Church.

Kindness Cups

This week, Kindness Cups were won by Harry in Year 3 and Jessica in Year 2.  Well done, children!


This week, we wish a happy birthday to Gabriel in Reception, Yuru in Year 1, Annabelle in Year 2 and Bella in Year 4.

We are looking forward to our KS2 children singing carols tonight at Presents Galore and fingers crossed that the weather is kind to us!

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children,

Lynda Brereton