Fairstead House

An independent day school and nursery for boys and girls
from three months to eleven years

Dear Parents,

What a glorious autumnal week we have had at school. The children have clearly enjoyed the slightly unseasonal weather!  A particular highlight for the school was the girls’ spectacular sporting success against Glebe House on Wednesday.  Our Sports Captains delivered excellent match reports this morning in Assembly to the whole school – an important role for our Sports Captains, Ava and Abiram!


The focus in Reception this week has been all about ‘being special’!  The children enjoyed reading a story called, ‘I am Special, I am Me.’ They were then super at discussing what makes them special and looked at similarities and differences between themselves and their friends. To celebrate all their unique qualities, they made themselves medals. These were worn home with pride!
In Maths, the children have enjoyed exploring 2D and 3D shapes. They are now looking forward to becoming shape detectives at home this weekend!

Thank you for all the positive feedback we have had regarding Tapestry, your child’s online learning journey.  Please remember to send us any photos or videos of your child’s learning and achievements from home, as we would love to see them. Thank you for all the great observations we have had so far!



Year 1

Year 1 have had a very busy week and have enjoyed watching their portrait gallery progress.  They made their own story boards for the story of ‘Goldilocks Eat Your Greens’ and had fun writing their own number sentences and helping Goldilocks find her way home.  Our ‘Spelling Cafe’ today was a highlight for us all!


Year 2

In English this week, Year 2 began their study of Julia Donaldson. They thoroughly enjoyed reading a variety of Julia’s books and discussing the similarities and differences between the characters, settings and events. The children wrote book reviews where they tried hard to express their honest opinions and they then came up with a list of questions to ask Julia via email.


Years 3 and 4

On Monday, Years 3 and 4 enjoyed their visit to West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village. They began by exploring the buildings and their contents, using the evidence to work out who owned the building and its purpose in Anglo-Saxon times. The children skillfully identified the runes above each doorway and compared the design of each building. They were impressed that several were built over pits, to prevent the flooring from becoming damp. Many of the children exclaimed that they would be happy to live in the Farmer’s house as it was so cosy!
After lunch, the children visited the museum. They had the opportunity to look closely at Anglo-Saxon artefacts and share their ideas about what they were and who may have owned them.  There were plenty of replica artefacts the children could touch and the helmet proved to be popular. A great way to further our learning about the Anglo-Saxons.



Year 5

Year 5 have been comparing and grouping together everyday materials on the basis of their electrical conductivity by investigating the best electrical conductors. Having tested the different metals in their independently made circuits, Year 5 then explained that different conductors have different levels of resistance and, therefore, some materials conduct electricity better than others.


Year 6

On Tuesday 17th September, Year 6, together with five other Prep schools, attended King’s Ely Choral Day led by Lucy Joy Morris. Lucy Morris works with various choirs including the National Youth Choirs of Scotland (NYCoS) and Great Britain (NYCGB) and was recently appointed conductor of the NYCGB Boys’ Choir.
Year 6 enjoyed an intensive day of rehearsals, learning a range of songs from Gospel to traditional, adding actions and movement to words.
They were given a tour of Ely Cathedral and rehearsed in the Lady Chapel experiencing the incredible acoustics. The day finished with a performance in the Cathedral to an audience of friends and family. A very memorable day was had by everyone.


Match Reports

U11 Girls Hockey v Glebe House School

‘On Wednesday 18th September, the U11 girls played hockey against Glebe House School. Glebe House won the toss and had first push back, however we were able to win the ball and began attacking strongly. Although we had a few shots at goal, the first half ended 0-0.
We started the second half well with Isabella and Zara making a great team in defence. Claudia and Darcey were strong in mid field and fought for every ball. Unfortunately Glebe House snuck in a goal but this made us more determined. I then took a sideline ball and crossed it into Perdie who scored a brilliant goal. This was quickly followed by another cross and Fleur was able to score another fantastic goal. I was able to score two more goals which made the final score 4-1.
I was voted player of the match. We were proud of our determination and how we are coming together as a team. Well done, keep up the good work!’

Ava W., Girls’ Sports Captain

U11 Boys’ Tag Rugby v Glebe House

‘On Wednesday 18th September, the U11 boys played Tag Rugby against Glebe House.  We started with the ball.  There was some good running by all the players and the score was 1-1.  I then scored another try but then Glebe House came back with two more tries.  At this point, there was some brilliant running by James, Finlay, Dylan and Richard then Richard scored a try.  Glebe House scored in the last minute, which made the score 4-3.

In the second match, we played the second team of Glebe House and within the opening minute, I scored a try.  There was some good tackling by Ollie, Oliver, James, Richard and Finlay.  Glebe House scored another try but instantly we fought back with some good passing by Alex, and then Oliver scored a brilliant try.  Finlay then scored another try and the final score was 3-3.

Next, we played our third match and this time it was Contact Rugby.  This first try was by Finlay.  Straight after, Glebe House broke through our defence and scored three tries.  Our hopes weren’t over, though, as James made a superb tackle.  The final score was 3-1.

We then played our last match which was really close.  James instantly scored but then Glebe House scored two tries.  Finlay then did some outstanding running and scored another two tries but sadly Glebe House scored one more try to draw the match. 

Well done, team, better luck next time.’

Abiram A., Boys’ Sports Captain

Class Music

This term in Class Music Year 5 are exploring various musical structures including binary, ternary and rondo form. Today, the children worked in groups to compose a rhythmical piece in binary form using African Djembe and other percussion instruments.

Year 4 this term will be listening to music from the ballet ‘The Nutcracker’, the opera ‘Hansel and Gretel’ and the symphonic fairy tale, ‘Peter and the Wolf’. Today they created their own fairy tales stories to set to music.


Reception – Suffolk County Council Early Years Funded Hours

If your child is in Reception, please ensure that you have returned the Claim Form for the funded hours (together with your child’s passport or birth certificate if application) to Saskia by Monday.  Thank you.

Languages Week

Next week we celebrate European Language Day on Tuesday 24th September; however, we are celebrating global languages across the whole week.  On Tuesday, everyone is invited to come to school in either a country’s national dress, in the colours of a country’s flag or even with appropriate props to represent a country! Please ensure that your child knows which country they are representing and, ideally, can say hello in the language.  The children will experience a different country’s cuisine each day and all manner of language activities will be taking place around school.

Year 2 Trip – Thursday 26th September

Year 2 are very excited about their trip to Bury St Edmunds, where they will be visiting the Theatre Royal to enjoy ‘Tabby McTat’ and then to explore the Abbey Gardens.

School Tennis Lessons for Years 5 and 6

Please note that tennis lessons for Years 5 and 6 are now taking place on a Monday morning.  Please do send your child to school in their sports kit on this one day only.

Uniform Sale – Friday 27th September

A secondhand uniform sale will be held by the Parents’ Association in the Dining Hall on Friday at 4.00pm.  All proceeds will go to the Parents’ Association.  If you have any unwanted uniform which you would like to donate to the sale, please drop it at the School Office, washed and unnamed.  Thank you.

Cupcake Sale

Also on Friday 27th September, Years 1 and 2 will be hosting a Cupcake Sale outside the Reception classroom.  All cakes will be £1 and, again, all proceeds go to the Parents’ Association.

Kindness Cups

This week, Kindness Cups were won by Fenella in Year 2 and Luca in Year 4.  Well done, children!


This week, we wish a happy birthday to Romy and Sophia in the Nursery.

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children,

Lynda Brereton