Fairstead House

An independent day school and nursery for boys and girls
from three months to eleven years

Dear Parents

I hope that you and your family have had a lovely half term and that the children have settled back into their school routines.  The glorious weather has made for a very welcome start to this half-term and it has been a joy to see the children making the most of the unseasonal weather.  We have even seen some of the younger children wearing their summer dresses, which seems quite bizarre for a February day!

This week, we welcomed Mark Lowery, a well-known local author, to school.  This event was organised and funded by our Parents’ Association, to whom we are very grateful.  All children from Year 1 upwards enjoyed an hour’s presentation to start the day and each class took part in a creative workshop later in the day. Mr Lowery signed a book for each child and all children in Key Stage 2 have taken theirs home.  He advised us, however, that the books are not suitable for Key Stage 1 children.  All the signed books for Key Stage 1 children are in my office and if you would like to collect your child’s book to read when you feel is an appropriate time, please call in and see me.


It has been a super week in Reception trying to catch ‘The Runaway Pancake!’
The children have loved engaging with all things pancake related, in the build up to Shrove Tuesday, next week. They enjoyed writing all about where they thought the pancake was running away to, and then had great fun retelling the story in the forest using props! Making mud pancakes was also a real highlight! The Beebots were even transformed into pancakes and the children loved programming them to move around their story maps.
In Maths, the children were excited to share their knowledge of ‘teen numbers’ and enjoyed representing them using the Dienes and the Numicon.
Please let Mrs Sanders know if you would like to come and visit the class as a ‘Surprise Reader.’
We look forward to more pancake fun next week!





Year 1

This week, Year 1 have been learning about fractions.  Also, we have thoroughly enjoyed looking at and sharing the wonderful models of different means of transport through the ages that were created at home during the half-term break. A particular highlight happened today when the children shared their models with the class and managed to remember when their mode of transport was invented and by whom.  Thank you so much for making this all possible.


Year 2

Year 2 flew to the sixth largest country in the world  this week- Australia!
In English, they have been reading a range of Dreamtime stories.  These stories have been passed on from one generation to the next, for thousands of years! They read lots of Dreamtime stories including ‘Why Koala has a Short, Stumpy Tail’, ‘How Turtle got its Shell’ and ‘How the Birds got their Colours’. The children compared the stories to one another and made a list of the similarities and differences between them. They made story maps of ‘How Turtle got its Shell’ and then took part in the Aboriginal tradition of retelling the story, in their own words, around the campfire!


Year 3

Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed the visit of author Mark Lowery, this week, organised generously by the Parents Association. As a qualified Primary Teacher, Mr Lowery taught a writing lesson expertly, firing up the children’s imaginations with the prospects of dangerous, deadly doughnuts, inspired by his book, ‘The Jam Doughnut That Ruined My Life’, which was short listed for The Roald Dahl Funny Book Prize. The children have relished the chance to continue their stories this week and have produced engaging, exciting and humorous high quality writing that their teachers have likewise relished reading and marking!


Year 4

Year 4 were extremely inspired and keen to write their stories about doughnuts following our visit from author Mark Lowery.  Their ideas included doughnuts that bite back, doughnuts that could change form and space doughnuts!  it was a morning full of creativity.

Mark Lowery’s gift of a book each also inspired the children to read his stories and they have been enjoying discussing these throughout the week.

Year 5

Year 5 has had a busy start to this half term. In Maths, we have learning about the different types of measures and applying our knowledge to carry out conversions. In English, we have continued to hone our inference skills in comprehension. The class thoroughly enjoyed a day of problem solving. The children worked very hard to solve a number of English and Maths related clues to crack the code and escape the room!

Year 6

Year 6 are applying their creative skills to making their lovely sundials. They are also using practical D.T. skills of: cutting, measuring, manipulating wire and painting with acrylics.


Sports Matches

U11 Boys Football v Moreton Hall

‘The U11 boys played a football match against Moreton Hall.  We kicked off first and we managed to make good passes, especially from Madoc, Toby and James.  There was some great defending by Abiram, Richard and Ben with some brilliant goalkeeping by Sam.  With all that great work, I managed to score to make it 1-0.  After that, Moreton Hall went on to score a goal.  Then a few minutes later, Madoc passed the ball to Toby and he scored a wonderful goal.  After Toby’s goal, we went straight in and Madoc dribbled amazing well and scored a fabulous goal. 

After half-time, we had the same energy and the defence and the goalkeeping was terrific.  Later on in the second half, Madoc made a spectacular pass from his free kick and I managed to score but then in the last minute Moreton Hall scored again.  The final score was 4-2 to us.  Madoc was the Player of the Match.  Well done, team, keep up the good work!’

Junior V.,  Captain


U11 Girls Netball v Moreton Hall

‘On Wednesday 27th February, the U11 girls played a netball match against Moreton Hall. 

We won the toss and chose to have first centre pass.  Within minutes, we had scored 2 goals.  Lyla was fantastic at getting into spaces and calling for the ball.  Cecilia was absolutely amazing at defending and Abisha was astounding at intercepting the ball.  By half-time, the score was 6-4 to us.

In the second half, Ava was great at dodging her marker and passing to Lara and Ella, who scored some incredible goals! 

The end score was 12-6 to Fairstead and Lara was chosen as Player of the Match.  Well done, team, keep up the good work!’

Lucy T., Captain


U10 Girls Netball v Stephen Perse Foundation

‘On Friday 1st March, the Year 5 girls played a netball match against the Stephen Perse Foundation.  We had the first centre pass.  Ella made some excellent passes down to the ‘D’ and Ava scored an amazing goal.  In the second quarter, Molly made some terrific saves, Evie defended her player superbly and we scored two goals. 

in the third quarter, Eleanor marked her player awfully well and Isabella made some outstanding shots on goal.  In the fourth and final quarter, Cecilia did some spectacular catching and I got into good spaces and we scored another goal.  The final score was 6-0 to us.  Ava was Player of the Match.  Well done, team and keep up the magnificent work!’

Zara F., Captain


U10 Boys Hockey v Stephen Perse Foundation

‘The U10 boys started tentatively, with short passes and not making the most of the space on the pitch.  Some extremely good stick skills from the opposition resulted in an early goal, followed by another.  The boys improved their passing and space on the pitch and in the second half were able to score a goal; however, the final score was 4-1 and the boys understand where they can make improvements.  Well done, boys and better luck next time!’

Michael Radford, Deputy Head


Music Notices


The first Informal Tea-time Concert of this half-term will be on Tuesday 5th March at 4.05pm in the Performing Arts Centre.  We look forwards to seeing you there!

The next Tea-time Concert will be on Tuesday 12th March.

We are delighted to announce that we are hosting an ABRSM Candidates Recital Concert on Tuesday 19th March at 4:05pm in the Performing Arts Centre.  All pupils taking an ABRSM examination this term are invited to perform their pieces.

ABRSM Examinations

Could parents of children taking ABRSM examinations this term please note that these will be held on Tuesday 26th March from 2:35pm to 4:49pm at the Cambridge Pianoforte Centre.

Speech & Drama Lessons

Weekly Sessions are available for LAMDA from this September at Fairstead House.

These sessions are both exam based – Students can take exams that range from Introductory Exams for Reception/ Year One right through to Bronze, Silver and Gold Medal but it is usual to get to Grade 3 or possible 4 prior to secondary school. Exams are available for Acting/ Communication/ Verse and Prose and Shakespeare.

Exams take place at three separate points in the academic year.

Some of my students work with me on self confidence, on pure enjoyment of drama, on interview technique, on expanding their knowledge of authors and playwrights and don’t have to work to an examination brief. The sessions are personalised to the requirements of the individual.

Please feel free to contact me on jwoolf2019@gmail.com at anytime to either book your place or have me answer any questions you may have.

Jonathan Woolf, Speech & Drama Teacher


Forthcoming Parents’ Association Events

Family Bingo Night – Friday 15th March

This will take place in the School Hall and promises to be a very exciting and fun family evening.  Pizza and soft drinks will be on sale; however, you are very welcome to bring your own bottle of choice.  Please book your family in at the School Office or play and pay on the night.  A family ticket costing £10 includes four cards.  Additional cards will be available on the evening and children of all ages are very welcome but please note that you will be responsible for your own children.

Summer Ball – Friday 17th May

This year, the Parents’ Association have booked Tattersalls for this memorable and enjoyable event.  Please do invite all your friends to make a table!  More details will follow shortly.

Nursery and School Gates

Just a reminder to parents –  when you are entering or leaving the school or nursery, please could you ensure that you close (and bolt if applicable) the gates behind you?  Thank you for your co-operation.

Showjumping Success

Many congratulations to Lara in Year 6, who has qualified for the Royal International Meeting at Hickstead in July. Lara qualified at the Richmond Equestrian Centre in North Yorkshire last weekend. Only 25 riders and their ponies have qualified for this event.

Lara finished 2nd in the competition with three clear rounds on her grey mare, ‘My Little Liesel’. Six competitors jumped clear to get into the 2nd round and five jumped clear in the 2nd round to make it into the third round, with only two going treble clear. Lara and My Little Liesel are currently sitting in 10th place in the British Showjumping 128cm Gold League.

We have just been informed by Ella in Year 5 that she has also qualified and will be joining Lara at Hickstead in July!   Wonderful achievements by Lara and Ella and we wish them both the best of luck at Hickstead .


Homework Diaries

Please ensure that you all check your child’s homework diary every evening.  Key Stage 2 children are now writing in their diary if they are missing any piece of Sports kit or lunch napkin.

Internet Safety

As I am sure that you are all aware from the media coverage this week, there is still a large number of ostensibly innocent apps and videos which can expose children to significant harm.  Please see the ThinkUKnow and NSPCC websites for invaluable advice and useful, age appropriate, videos for you and your children.  We will be speaking to children in Years 5 and 6 next week more specifically and reminding them of the importance of reporting anything worrying to a trusted adult.  This is a timely reminder that the age limit for WhatsApp is 16 years old.  Whilst we are as vigilant as possible in school, we are also responsible for the children’s online safety out of school.  Please come and see me if you have any questions or for any advice.

Kindness Cups

This week, Kindness Cups were won by Brennan in Year 2 and Flynn in Year 4.  Well done, children!


This week, we wish a happy birthday to Sienna and Dominic in the Nursery, Abudi and Lucy in Reception, Erin and Emily in Year 2 and Oliver in Year 4.

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children,

Lynda Brereton