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Dear Parents

I am sure that I am not alone in being amazed at how quickly the previous six weeks have flown by and that the half-term holiday is now upon us.  Saying that, I think that all the children are more than ready for a break!  Apart from having worked hard in school, there have been a significant number of coughs and colds which, hopefully, will be put to an end  by a week of rest and recuperation.  A highlight of this week was when Year 6 were treated to a dazzling performance of a traditional Sri-Lankan dance by Abisha.  She stunned us all!  Afterwards, we were treated to an amazing Sri-Lankan feast which the children tucked into with gusto.  We all relished the opportunity to find out more about Sri-Lanka, the Tamil language and the Hindu faith.


Reception have enjoyed continuing the Chinese New Year celebrations across all curriculum areas this week. In P.E., the class went on an orienteering mission to try and find the animals from the story which were located around the school grounds. The fun continued into the forest where the children took on the role of the cheeky monkey from the story and showed great determination in climbing trees! More fun was had in Music, where everyone was given a part to play in the story of ‘The Great Race.’ As Mrs Sanders told the story, the children enjoyed playing the instruments which they had carefully chosen to represent their animal. The class were keen to find out about all the different traditions associated with the festival and were excited to create their own, ‘Wishing Tree’ in the classroom. It was wonderful to hear such super ideas on how to improve the world in which we live and how to help others. Please do come in and see.
Mrs Sanders would like to begin ‘Surprise Reader’ sessions in Reception, after half term.  We would like to welcome you into school on a Wednesday or Thursday afternoon at 3.15pm to surprise your child and read a story of your choice to the class. Please speak to Mrs Sanders for more details and to book a time to visit.

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Year 1

In Year 1 this week, there was a lot of ‘love in the air’! In our PSHE lesson, we were learning and talking about tolerance and respect and realised that these are signs of love towards our peers. They decided to do their Maths in Chinese as we were still in China and, with Charlie’s help, the children picked it up very quickly. He made a super teacher!
In Art, the children have finished their Aboriginal project with some super results and are now ready for a well-deserved rest.

1-IMG_3400 1-IMG_3404

1-IMG_3444 1-IMG_3432


Year 2

Year 2 travelled to Africa this week; they are really enjoying filling up their passports with stamps from all over the world!  Whilst in Africa, they learned about a little boy’s life in Kenya and compared it to their own, made African necklaces using traditional African colours and patterns, and practised playing African drums!

The children also thoroughly enjoyed writing calligram poems about their favourite African animals. They used adjectives, verbs and adverbs to make their poems interesting and effective!

Year 2 1  Year 2

Year 2 3 Year 2 4

Year 2 7 Year 2 6

Year 2 5


Year 3

This week in Science, Year 3 have been investigating the properties of rocks by making systematic and careful observations. Year 3 handled and examined rocks carefully so that they could then name the different types of rocks, identify their features to group them by this specific criteria and, therefore, use a systematic approach to recognise similar features of different rocks.  They were surprised that the volcanic rock, pumice, was so buoyant it floated and how soft chalk became when it was wet!

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Year 4

This week, Year 4 have completed their learning of sound by designing and making musical instruments. Their instruments could be string, wind or percussion and had to show a change of pitch and volume. There were some interesting musical sounds to be heard! They then wrote very honest evaluations and used their scientific vocabulary to explain how their instruments worked.

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Year 5

This week, Year 5 concluded their topic on Eastern Europe by writing a non-chronological report of their chosen country.  Calming music played in the background whilst the children thought carefully about the structure and content of their report. Mrs Blazey and I were very impressed by the attitudes of the children and the pride shown towards their work. Well done, Year 5.


Year 6

Year 6 enjoyed their calligraphy writing in Mandarin this week. They worked hard at forming their Chinese letters.

Year 6 were also treated to a spectacular RS lesson, finishing their studies on Hinduism. Many thanks to Mrs Ahilan who visited the classroom with some wonderful examples of Tamil food, which the children very much enjoyed. Abisha gave us a fantastic demonstration of traditional classical Sri Lankan dancing, praising the environment, in her beautiful costume. She also brought in other traditional costumes, including her red sari, which is worn by Hindu brides at their wedding, and talked about their family trips to Sri Lanka.

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Match Reports

U10 Girls’ Netball Triangular v Riddlesworth Hall and Moreton Hall

‘On Wednesday, 13th February, the U10 girls played three awesome matches.  In the first match we played Riddlesworth B team.  We played a marvellous match and Ava and Isabella did some sensational shooting.  We won 7-1.

In the next match of an amazing day, we played Riddleswoth A team.  Evie and I did some great defending and Zara was always free for the ball.  We were very proud because it was a hard game that we managed to win 5-1.

Finally, we played Moreton Hall.  They were an older team so it was more difficult but we rose to the challenge!  We made some great passes for the shooters to score magnificent goals but, unfortunately, Moreton Hall won 5-2.  Player of the Match was Ella.  Well done, team!

Cecilia T, Team Captain

U10 Boys v Riddlesworth Hall 

The boys were slow to start and some early goals left them 3-1 down at half time; however, after some changes to positions and a motivational talk, the boys returned to the field energised and ready to play. Their efforts were rewarded with three goals, resulting in a win for the boys.


U11 Boys Football Triangular v St Joseph’s School and St Felix School

The first match was against St Joseph A-team and the boys were very enthusiastic and energetic in their attacking.  Despite having over twenty attempts on goal, they were unable to find the back of the net.  In the second half, the boys continued with the same determination and made several more attempts on goals but the score remained 0-0.

In the second match against St Felix A-team, the boys took an early lead with a fantastic shot from outside the box.  St Felix fought back and scored three consecutive goals in quick succession.  After half time, more passing and team work was needed and the boys worked together very well and managed to score one more goal; however, the final score was 3-2.  The boys played exceptionally well and should be very proud of themselves.  Well done, team!

Michael Radford, Deputy Head


Informal Tea Time Concert
We had our second Informal Tea Time Concert in the Lent series. Fifteen pupils from Years 1 to 6 performed on various instruments including piano, violin, guitar and drums. These concerts have become very popular with our pupils and I must thank parents for their continued support at these valuable events. Congratulations to everyone who performed!


Chamber Orchestra
On Thursday lunchtimes, our Chamber Orchestra rehearse and good progress is being made. We have first and second violins, cellos and percussion. Developing skills in ensemble playing is a very important part of instrumental development and it is a pleasure watching the children work together and gain confidence in performing.

We have just been informed by the ABRSM that our exam date is Tuesday 23rd March. Please remind your children to keep working on their exam pieces and scales over half term.  Thank you.


Instrumental Project
Pupils in Years 2, 3 and 4 have been enjoying the Instrumental Project this term. Pupils have been learning how to play the fife, ukulele and cello in small groups. Congratulations must go to the Year 3 ukulele group, that performed several pieces to the whole school in Thursday’s assembly.



Instrumental Lessons
The number of pupils learning to play a musical instrument and having singing lessons has grown significantly over the last two years. We have a strong team of specialist teachers in the music department – violin, cello, flute, clarinet, guitar, fife, recorder, ukulele, banjo, drums and vocal lessons are on offer. If you would like your child to start instrumental lessons after half term or in the summer term do please contact the Director of Music (Mrs Karina Warburton) karina.warburton@fairsteadhouse.co.uk


Play Rehearsals for ‘Olivia!’
The excitement is building as progress is being made in our weekly rehearsals. After half term, all scripts and song lyrics must be from memory!

New Club News

I am delighted to let you know that Miss Kathryn Bryan, our Language Specialist, is looking forward to instigating a Russian Club.  This will take place on Tuesdays from 4.00pm to 5.00pm and is open for children from Reception to Year 6.  This will commence on Tuesday 5th March.  I am anticipating a great deal of interest!

PE and Games Kit

We are continually encouraging children in Key Stage 2, in particular, to be more responsible for having the correct PE kit in school. To help them, please click  for a reminder of the full PE and Sports kit.  Your help in this is greatly appreciated.  As you can understand, children without the correct kit are not able to participate fully in the Games curriculum.

Morning Drop-off

A reminder that the school doors open at 8.20am.  Should you wish to drop your son or daughter off before that time, please make use of the Breakfast Club facility in the Hall.  This particularly applies to parents of children in Years 1 and 2 in the Coach House.

Forthcoming Dates

Hilltop Information Evening will take place on Tuesday 26th February for parents of children in Year 5. Refreshments will be served in the Performing Arts Centre at 5.45pm for a prompt 6.00pm start.

Hollowford Information Evening will take place on Tuesday 5th March for parents of children in Year 6.  Refreshments will be served in the Performing Arts Centre at 5.45pm for a prompt 6.00pm start.

World Book Day will be on Thursday 7th March.  To help us make the most of this day, celebrating all things literary, we invite all the children to come to school dressed as a character from a favourite book.  Hopefully, your child will be able to bring a copy of the book that inspired their costume to share with the class (ideally, not a Disney character!).

Cupcake Sale

On Friday 1st March, Years 5 and 6 will be hosting a Cupcake Sale after school.  Please do remember to bring your change (please remember that cupcakes are now £1.  Thank you).

Nursery Foals’ Outing

I was thrilled to accompany some of our youngest children on an exciting adventure to Phantom House Stables this morning!  We were given a tour of the Yard and met the horses. The children were especially delighted to meet Percy the Labrador, who was very happy with all the attention!

Foals 5 1-IMG_0127


Foals 1 Foals 6


Foals 4

Kindness Cups

This week, Kindness Cups were won by Isla in Reception and Gabriella in Year 3.  Well done, girls!


This week, we wish a happy birthday to Jude and Sophie in the Nursery, Jessie in Reception, Charlie in Year 2 and Fleur in Year 4.

With my best wishes for a lovely week with your children,

Lynda Brereton