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from three months to eleven years

Dear Parents

A very happy New Year to you all and I hope that you and your families had a wonderful festive season.  It was lovely seeing all the children back at school refreshed and ready for the adventures which lie ahead.  We have had lots of interesting discussions in Assemblies about the significance and excitement of a new year and a fresh start.


It has been a great first week back in Reception, and the children have been keen to explore their new topic; ‘Food, Glorious Food.’ The children were super at organising the foods from the class mind map into different food groups.
The language teachers were also excited to hear about the new topic and, therefore, the children have also started to learn the names of different foods in Mandarin and Spanish.
During ‘Circle Time’, the children enjoyed discussing what they had to eat for their Christmas lunch and were super at sharing their likes and dislikes! They enjoyed spending time drawing their ideas for all to see.
In Maths, the children have been exploring the Dienes apparatus and using it to help with their work on addition.
Returning to the forest added to the fun of the week!

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1-Rec 5


Year 1

Year 1 have had an exciting week preparing for their ‘Round the World in a Term’ adventure!
We have been sorting out all our required documents, checking tickets, our itineraries and that we all have the correct money ready for the off and our first port of call will be North America and New York.

1-Year 1  1-Year 2


1-Year 3 1-Year 4

1-Year 5 1-Year 6


Year 2

Year 2 had a super start to their new topic this week! On Monday, the children made passports for their forthcoming travels. They really enjoyed practising their ‘passport faces’ for their photos!

On Tuesday morning, the children were handed their passports and a boarding card for a mystery flight. After having their passports checked by Flight Attendant Freestone and going through security, the children were then shown on-board the plane where they watched an online safety video. Whilst up in the air, the children looked at some clues about the country that they were travelling to; they soon guessed that they were flying to China. They were very pleased to receive their first passport stamp!

Whilst in China, the children practised some Tai Chi moves, decorated fans and traditional hats with beautiful Chinese symbols, tasted prawn crackers and heard the tale of The Four Dragons.

Year 27 Year 21

Year 22 Year 23

Year 24 Year 25

Year 26


Year 3

Year 3 have enjoyed the beginning of the Lent term this week and have begun to explore their new topic, Vesuvius! In History, they have been researching Julius Caesar and in Geography, they are investigating our ‘Extreme Earth’ by focusing on volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis.  In Science, they are looking at skeletons and seguing into fossils and rocks from there. Toby, Harley and Luca are already so enthusiastic about their new learning that they have brought in their own rocks and fossils, including volcanic rocks like Obsidian. They then discussed these with their friends and their rocks and fossils are now available to enrich everyone’s Geography and Science learning!

1-Fantastic Fossils



Year 4

This term, Year 4’s topic is Machines.  In History, we began by learning about the very first railways and locomotives.  In Art, we looked closely at a steam train from an artist’s point of view.  We focused on shapes and shades inspired by the works of Paul Kelpe.

1-IMG_1456 1-IMG_1453

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Year 5

Year 5 has started the New Year with a vengeance!  Refreshed from the Christmas break, the children have been full of enthusiasm and keen to do their best.  In Maths, we have been working really hard on understanding place value and rounding of 6 digit numbers, including decimals. Our English focus this week has been on developing our comprehension skills; particularly, examining the author’s use of language. We also started our new humanities topic on ‘Eastern Europe’.  The highlight of the week, undoubtedly, has to be the announcement of this year’s production and scripts being handed out.  We are really looking forward to the auditions next week!


Year 6

Year 6 have started the new term with their study of light and space. In these photographs, they are demonstrating that light travels in straight lines and then reflects off objects into our eyes, enabling us to see them. Lyla is setting up the model of the solar system, which demonstrates the orbits of the planets at different times of the year.  Year 6 are also excitedly preparing for next week’s auditions for a role in the school play!

1-DSC00787 1-DSC00790



Sports Matches

“On Wednesday 9 January, Fairstead U11 girls played a netball match against Glebe House.
We won the toss and chose to have first centre pass. Both teams quickly got stuck in.  Glebe were a strong team and (despite Cecilia’s outstanding defending) the end score for the first quarter was 3-0.
Lara then scored two goals, which lifted all of our spirits.  Ava was excellent at getting into spaces and calling for the ball.  Evie made a spectacular pass to Isabella, who then scored.  Georgia was great at intercepting the ball down in the D and was always focussed.  Lara went on to score another three incredible goals.
Unfortunately, the final score was 12 – 6 to Glebe House.  Well done team and better luck next time.”

Lucy T.,  Sports Captain

“On Wednesday 9th January we went to Glebe House.  It was a cold day so that didn’t help with our passing or catching.  We had a slow first quarter but then we got better.  Darcey did some great defending and we made some good shots but we didn’t always manage to score.  At half-time, they had 7 goals so we knew we had to try harder.  We held them off in the second half but they still managed to score goals.  We thought we played very well as Glebe House played their Year 5 team!  Better luck next time, girls!”

Kitty A., U9 Girls Captain Year 4

“On 9th January, Fairstead House played a football; match against Glebe House.  Dylan was amazing in goal and he saved lots of shots.  Oliver and I were great in defence.  Prince and Finlay made some amazing tackles in midfield.  Jos and Hugo were strikers and got lots of shots, but we only scored once.  In the first half, the score was 1-2 to Glebe House and the final score was 1-4.  Well done, team and better luck next time.”

Theo T., U9 Boys Captain Year 4

“The game started confidently with both teams attacking well.  Glebe House managed to find an opportunity and took advantage of some mistakes in the defence and scored an early goal.  Fairstead fought back and had much possession in the opposing half.  However, Glebe House once again used a quick attack and scored before the half time whistle.  In the second half, Fairstead were more focused and scored a fantastic goal.  There were numerous crosses without success and even a hit on the goalpost.  Glebe House were more successful and the final score was 5 – 2.”

Michael Radford, Deputy Head


The large Nutcracker, ‘Clarence’, which you may have seen in Newmarket over Christmas, has been lent to us for two week by Newmarket BID and has been the source of inspiration in our class percussion groups. The pupils have created their own story with ‘Clarence’ as the main character and composed musical accompaniments and sound effects to enhance various scenes. They have composed sounds for magic potions and spells, snow and thunder storms, battles in outer space and underwater castles.

This term, we have the following musical activities: Windband on Tuesdays, Chamber Orchestra on Thursdays and Fiddlesticks on Fridays.


This week, the focus for all children has been E-safety, with the topic ‘I am safe and secure’.  Children have been learning how to stay safe online and never to share personal information.  All children have been reminded to speak to a trusted adult if they are ever unsure when using any device that connects to the internet.  Older children have been changing their passwords to make sure they are memorable and secure.  If any parents would like to view the material used, I am very happy to share the resources.  Please find IAPS’ most recent advice for schools and parents regarding children growing up in an online generation here.

Michael Radford


An Invitation for Parents to join us for Lunch



As I mentioned at the end of last term, we are delighted that, as from next week, you are warmly invited to join your child and their class for lunch.  As I am sure you will understand, due to space constraints, we will have to have a limit on the number of parents whom we can host each week.  However, the children and I look forward to sharing our wonderful lunchtime experiences with you.  Please telephone the School Office to book a day of your choice and to check availability.

The Parent Portal

By now, you should all have received an e-mail with your username and password to access our new Parent Portal.  I am delighted that so many of you have already used this system to book your child into their lunchtime and after school clubs for this term.  Please note that this system also needs to be used to book your child into Prep Club.  We will be using this system to book appointments for Parents’ Evening – more information to follow!

Informal Tea-time Concerts

This term’s Informal Tea-time Concerts will be held in the Performing Arts Centre at 4:05pm on Tuesday 29th January, 12th February and 5th and 19th March.

Parents’ Associations Events & News

Wednesday 16th January

The Parents’ Association will be meeting on Wednesday 16th January after drop-off at the Bedford Lodge for coffee and cookies.  These are very informal get-togethers so please do come along!

Friday 18th January

Our first Cupcake Sale of the term will be held on Friday after school and will be hosted by Years 1 and 2.  A reminder that the cupcakes are now £1 each and the Parents’ Association use all the proceeds to fund exciting extras for your children.  This term, the Parents’ Association have arranged a visit by a Planetarium to be enjoyed by all children form Reception to Year 6.

Friday 15th March

A Family Bingo Evening will take place on Friday 15th March at 6.30pm.  The Parents’ Association are very excited to announce this new event for the whole family to enjoy.  More details to follow!

Friday 17th May

The annual Parents’ Association Summer Ball will take place on Friday 17th May.   Please do keep the date in your diary – this promises to be another very special evening.  All of us who went last year are looking forward to a similarly enjoyable evening!

Stikins Sticky Labels

The Parents’ Association have kindly organised for your child to have taken home a strip of personalised labels which can be used for all manner of personal items including clothing and shoes.  Should you wish to order any of these name labels, please use the fundraising number 31659 on the order sheet.

Head at Home

Please do come and join me on Wednesday 6th February at 3.00pm in the Performing Arts Centre for a cup of tea and an informal chat.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Kindness Cup

This week, Kindness Cups were won by Charlotte in Year 2 and Olly in Year 4.  Well done, children!


This week, we wish a happy birthday to Jack, Lucy, Octavia and Aadam in the Nursery, Laila in Reception and Junior in Year 6.

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children and a very happy and healthy New Year to you all,

Lynda Brereton